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Floral Indian Crane Duvet Cover

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Dive into the exotic and soothing ambiance of our Floral Indian Skull Duvet Cover. Lovingly crafted and inspired by Indian art and culture, this duvet cover evokes enchanting floral patterns and a sacred buffalo skull, providing a unique and mysterious sleeping experience.

Awaken your senses with vibrant floral designs

Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the vibrant floral patterns of our Floral Indian Crane Duvet Cover. Each petal and leaf is carefully drawn to create a captivating visual spectacle in your bedroom. Bright, vibrant colors evoke lush gardens and exotic landscapes, transforming your sleep space into a true sanctuary of relaxation.

The powerful symbolism of a sacred buffalo skull

At the heart of our Floral Indian Crane Duvet Cover lies an ancestral and powerful symbol: the sacred buffalo skull. In Indian culture, the buffalo skull is often associated with strength, protection and spirituality. It also embodies perseverance in the face of challenges and an indomitable spirit. Add a touch of mystery and wisdom to your bedroom by wrapping yourself in the deep symbolism of this sacred buffalo skull.

Luxurious comfort for restful nights

Our Floral Indian Crane Duvet Cover is not only a feast for the eyes, but also offers luxurious comfort for restful nights. Made from high quality materials, this duvet cover is soft, lightweight and breathable. It will wrap your body in a delicate caress, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and restful sleep. Immerse yourself in a cocoon of comfort and let yourself be transported to a world of enchanted dreams.

  • Material: 100% high density polyester
  • Properties: Easy care, hypoallergenic and anti-mite
  • Reinforced seams for premium finishes
  • Machine wash resistant zipper
  • HD colours: high-fidelity printing
  • Pillow cases: rectangular, dimensions 50 cm x 75 cm
  • Interview:
    • Machine washable
    • Tumble dry
    • Keep away from fire and flames

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The duvet cover is very comfortable, I'm glad I chose it.

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