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Velvet Duvet Cover

Luxury Velvet Duvet Cover

Discover the ultimate sophistication with our luxury velor duvet covers. These sumptuous pieces are designed to feel unparalleled in softness, while adding a touch of glamor to your bedroom. Made from high quality velvet, these covers are not only soft to the touch, but also extremely durable. Experience cozy and luxurious nights with these luxury velor duvet covers.

Velvet Duvet Cover in Vibrant Colors

For those looking to add a splash of color to their bedroom, our vibrantly colored velor duvet covers are the perfect choice. Available in a range of vibrant colours, these slipcovers bring a dose of energy and vitality to any bedroom. Let these vibrantly colored duvet covers express your personality and create a cheerful and lively mood in your space.

Thermal Velvet Duvet Cover

For those looking to stay warm on cold nights, our thermal velor duvet covers are perfect. Designed with a velor that is both soft and insulating, these covers guarantee optimal thermal comfort, keeping you warm even on the coldest nights. With these thermal velvet duvet covers, every night becomes a cozy and warm refuge.

Hypoallergenic Velvet Duvet Cover

For those sensitive to allergens, we have hypoallergenic velor duvet covers. Made from non-irritating materials, these covers are designed to reduce the risk of allergies, ensuring a healthy and peaceful sleep. By opting for our hypoallergenic velor duvet covers, you can snuggle up comfortably without worrying about allergies.

Easy Care Velvet Duvet Cover

For those who value easy care, our easy care velor duvet covers are the perfect solution. These duvet covers are stain and wrinkle resistant, and can be machine washed, making upkeep a breeze. With these easy-care velor duvet covers, you can enjoy luxurious bedding without the hassle of cleaning.

Embroidered Velvet Duvet Cover

Discover the beauty of detail with the collection of embroidered velor duvet covers. These exquisite covers offer a refined and elegant design, with delicate embroidered patterns that add a touch of uniqueness to every room. Reveal your love for detailed craftsmanship and make your bed a masterpiece with our embroidered velor duvet covers.

Patterned Velvet Duvet Cover

For those who love bold designs, check out the range of patterned velvet duvet covers. With designs ranging from modern geometric patterns to classic floral patterns, these slipcovers add an artistic dimension to any bedroom. Express your sense of style and creativity with these patterned velvet duvet covers.

Velvet Anti-mite Duvet Cover

For those concerned about dust mites, choose Anti-Dust Mite Velor Duvet Covers. Treated with a special solution, these duvet covers are resistant to dust mites, ensuring a clean and hygienic sleeping environment. Enjoy worry-free sleep with our anti-mite velor duvet covers.

Kids Velvet Duvet Cover

Let's not forget the youngest with the range of velor duvet covers for children. These covers are designed with fun and colorful patterns that will appeal to all children. They're also made with a soft, hypoallergenic velor that's perfect for children's sensitive skin. Make bedtime an adventure with our children's velor duvet covers.

Velvet Duvet Cover for All Seasons

For a year-round bedding solution, choose our velor duvet covers for all seasons. These duvet covers are designed with a double face - a warm velvet face for winter and a cool cotton face for summer. Enjoy the ultimate comfort in every season with our velvet duvet covers for all seasons.